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New Flute Music Program Announcement

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Logan Vrankovic
Logan Vrankovic

Thank you to all the composers from around the world who shared their music with us! It was a pleasure listening to your music, and we hope you join us in congratulating the composers selected for performance in New York City. We had so many high-quality submissions that we have a long list of semi-finalists that we think you should check out! Please stay in touch, so that you won’t miss the date of Jonah’s performance in April.

post recital update
Please take a look at your email to find the links to your recordings. We hope you enjoy them, and thank you for the opportunity to explore your music and perform it!

Selected for recording by Jonah Murphy

Wings to Air - Andrea Reinkemeyer

Circle Round - Jimmy Kachulis

Marble - Anna-Louise Walton

Three Miniature Paintings - Anruo Cheng

Tonoi VI - Nick Demos

Scratches of the Wind - Nirmali Fenn


Greg Bullen

Jorge Tabarés

Blair Whittington

Maciej Kabza

Paride Galeone

Martin Hebel

Brett Austin Eastman

Brian Field 

Adam Torlkensen 

Joanne S. Na

Kevin Leomo

Patrick Wu

F. Destro

Joshua W. Haisch

Leonidas Sakellarides

Frederic Glesser

Devon Osamu Tipp

Ethan Resnik