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New Website Update

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Logan Vrankovic
Logan Vrankovic

If you're seeing this, you're on the new NYCCMS website! Along with the new coat of paint, it should be much more straightforward to use, now optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Along with a new website, we have sent along all the video recordings from Yifei Xu's recital! If you had multiple movements performed, you have a video spliced together with all sections if they were separated in the program, and you have versions with and without an additional camera angle.

New Website Changes

Unfortunately, a few months ago we began having issues with our previous hosting provider, because of a headache involving fake accounts flooding into the website. There's no real need to sign up, so on this new website, that functionality has been removed.

The Contact page now includes more information about when and how to submit music to us, makes it easier to pick an event, and the Facebook page has taken on a much more important role in keeping in touch. Going off of the statistics, while there aren't so many people coming across our pages each day, the vast majority of interaction happens on Facebook through Messenger. Meaning, while the website is much nicer to use now, it's also simpler and is leaning into its role as a blog and point of contact.